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Missed 1 Pill Could I Be Pregnant

If I missed 1 pill could I be pregnant? If you miss one birth control pill and takeit a day or two later, you're more likely to get pregnant. How much more likely? If the odds of getting pregnant are 1% or2% for perfect usage, odds are actually 5% because so many women don't always followthe instructions and occasionally miss pills. Does it matter when I miss the pills? The odds of getting pregnant go up if youmiss any pills during the first and third

weeks of the cycle. I missed one pill yesterday. Do I take ittoday or skip it? Go ahead and double up the pills the secondday. There are jokes about girls looking good throughbeer goggles. They don't tell you about how you forget essentials like BC pills. If you took the pill and then threw it up,whether you had a stomach bug or got roaring drunk, it's as if you didn't take it atall. The forgotten hazards of a hangover. At leastthe pills protect me.

Birth control pills don't protect againstsexually transmitted diseases. Life is a sexually transmitted disease. The birth control pill doesn't protect againstHPV, HIV, hepatitis C, gonorrhea You can't get pregnant or an STD if youdon't have sex. Ah, so you do remember something from abstinenceeducation. I don't want to say no, and I don't wantto get stuck with a pregnancy or have an abortion. If you can't remember pills, get an IUDor an injectable contraceptive. I'm so stressed I might take St. John'swart. And I hope I don't need antibiotics

for, uh … Both of those meds wipe out the birth controlpills' benefits. Maybe you just need a Depo Provera shot, so you're good for three months. Then I have to remember to go back in threemonths. Then you really shouldn't be on the pill.

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