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Rebekah: Hey guys. It's Bex here and I amhere with the lovely Alisa Vitti in her apartment in New York City, surrounded by baby things. Alisa: Yes. Rebekah: The last time you were on Bex Life,you were not pregnant. I was not pregnant and we were talking about birth control. Alisa: Right, and why we should all get offof it. Rebekah: We didn't take it and look whathappened to us. Alisa: Well, this was by planning, yes.

Rebekah: And this was by planning too. Alisa: That's right. Rebekah: I'm really excited because I'm36 and you're 37. Alisa: And look at how young and gorgeouswe look. Rebekah: I know. We are gorgeous! Alisa: Gorgeous. Rebekah: Healthy, vibrant. We are of advancedmaternal age. I can hardly get the words out. Alisa: Technically speaking, yes.

Rebekah: It's so gross. I hate – I don'teven like saying that. Alisa: I know, I know. Rebekah: We only advanced in intellect andbeauty, really. Alisa: Amen. Love it. Love it! Rebekah: But a lot of our girlfriends arehaving babies, having their first babies. This is your first. This is my fifth. I'mnot the norm and they're having trouble and girlfriends our age and girlfriends youngerthan us and their men. Alisa: Yes.

Rebekah: What's going on? Alisa: I think it's a growing and somewhatfor whatever reason silent epidemic, this rise in infertility, both male and femaleinfertility, and what is termed idiopathic meaning no known cause. So you go. You haveyour checkup. Everything looks normal. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to makethe baby. But you can't. In my ten plus years now of working with couplesand individuals on their fertility, there are three reasons that I see that are kindof at the core of why people are not able to have that reproductive capacity and thatfertile window be as big and wide as it should

be, right? Because you're really – the whole reasonby the way why the pill was such a good thing back 50 years ago, 60 years ago when it cameout was because women were having their eighth, ninth baby at 45 because there was no wayto prevent additional pregnancies and they were fertile, perfectly fertile well intotheir 40s. Now we have women struggling in their midto late 20s. So what has changed? Here's what I think has changed. One, we're beingexposed to way more chemicals than we ever have been before.

The statistic that I have just read aboutis that your grandparents' generation was exposed to chemicals over the course of theirlifetime that you are exposed to in a 30day period. You're exposed to more chemicalsin 30 days than they were their entire lives. Rebekah: That's so scary. Alisa: And these chemicals of course are endocrinedisruptive which means they're really messing with your fertility. So that's reason numberone. Reason number two is that we are micronutrientdeficient in ways that we just are not realizing. We're eating like different kinds of diets.We're cutting out big macronutrients. We're

29 Weeks Pregnancy Tutorial

Week 29Welcome to Week 29 of the KidandParent Pregnancy show. I am lt; gt;. You have entered final trimesterof your pregnancy. Have you planned your maternity leave? This week, we will discuss what isthe most preferred time to go on maternity leave for most mothers. We will also discusswhy piles occur during pregnancy and how to tackle it. Changes Taking Place in MotherYou have just entered the final trimester of your pregnancy. You will gain weight rapidlyfrom this stage. The amount of circulaing blood in your body almost doubles. Some ofyou may experience heartburns even if you

have not experienced them before You musteat a number of small healthy meals. This helps in heart burn and also ensures thatyour baby gets the vital nutrients for his growth. You must also drink a lot of waterto prevent chances of constipation and haemorrhoids. Your may take a blood test to checkthat you do not suffer from anemia. If you feel any abnormal movements or no movementat all, you should contact your immediately. How is Baby Doing ?Your baby looks more like a newborn at this stage. His body parts are more proportionateto each other. He establishes regular patterns for sleep and other activities. He gains moreweight and starts moving sideways in your

womb. His movements become more prominent. Plan the materity leaveMany women prefer to work until the last days of their pregnancy, if their allowsit. This allows them to spend the maximum time with the baby. You must have a realisticapproach towards your work and family life and try to balance both.Here are Some Tips to Ponder while planning the Maternity Leave:* Talk to your employer frankly about your leave plan.* When you plan to go on leave, how long you plan to be on leave and when do you plan toreturn to work tentatively as it really depends

on your baby.* Check with HR department about the paid or unpaid leave policy.* Check out with your employer if you can work from home.* Plan with your spouse about the affordablilty of your leave plan.* It is better to give clear and realistic picture of your plan to your employer thatwill help him to work out the schedule when you are on leave.I am 30 plus, will I be able to have a normal delivery ?You should not worry about your age if do not have any other pregnancy related issues.Keeping up with your nutrition and exercise

regimen will help you remain stress free andmaintain the optimal weight. You can consult your for information on labor classes.These can help you prepare yourself for labour and eliminate all fears about delivery. PilesPiles or hemorrhoids are similar to varicose veins but occur around the anus or rectum.They can occur during various stages of pregnancy. Do not use medications without your 'srecommendation. Reasons Behind Hemorrhoids during Pregnancyare: * Acute constipation which makes you applyextra pressure to release your stools.

* Pressure on the veins by the expanding uterus.The veins in the pelvic area dilate and worsen piles* Remaining in the same place for a long time without any movement may trigger hemorrhoids. Ways of Preventing Piles During Pregnancy:* Do not suppress the urge for a bowel movement and avoid constipation.* Eat a healthy diet comprising of high fibre foods and lots of liquid.* You can try to train your body to pass stools at the same time every day. This is calledgastrocolic reflex. * Do not remain in the same position for longtime or sleeping on back resulting in increased

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