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Why Do I Ovulate Right Before My Period

Why do I ovulate right before my period? The normal time is around a week after thelast period ended and a week before the next period starts. So if day 1 is when your period starts, day14 is when the average woman ovulates. That's right. I think I'm ovulating close to day 20 or22. You can theoretically conceive on day 22,or even day 24, but because the corpus degrades over time, the later you ovulate, the lowerodds of success.

I've heard that conceiving later in thecycle increases the odds of having a girl. That's based on studies that having sexseveral days before ovulation resulted in conception, so the sperm that survived thatenvironment were usually X instead of Y. When it comes to ovulating on day 24, you'lljust be lucky to get a baby. That's why I'm concerned about it. There are medical conditions that can causethe ovulation trigger to go off late relative to the rest of the cycle. It is not like I'm overweight; that caninterfere with the hormones.

Likewise, working out too much or not eatingenough can shut down your period. At least if you try a notsosevere regimen, you cansee if the ovulation date shifts to something more hospitable. How can I see if that happened? Buy ovulation tests in bulk at the store oronline and test every day. That's only slightly less embarrassing thanbuying a large box of pregnancy tests. Why am I ovulating this late? You could have a thyroid problem, PCOS withcysts on the ovaries or simply ovaries not

putting out enough hormones to work rightthrowing off the ovulation date. This might be normal for me. Talk to the about getting somethingto stimulate your ovaries. I want a baby, not triplets. You are way more likely to have multiplesif you're injecting something for fertility. Taking one pill for three days earlier inthe cycle to trigger ovulation earlier just adds the odds that you actually ovulate whenit is better. It seems like my period is short, too.

If you ovulate on day 21 and your period isday 25, the kid has pretty much no chance of taking root. What's the solution for that? Birth control. I want to get pregnant. s can give you birth control to changethe tempo of the hormones, and you try to get pregnant the next cycle minus the pills,maybe with something to stimulate the ovaries. Boy will it feel weird to get both birth controland fertility meds in the same appointment.

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