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Best Days for Sex to Avoid Pregnancy

What are the best days for sex to avoid pregnancy? All of them, if you want to be totally sure. I'm hoping to get it in at least a few daysa month. Have sex during your period. That's almostcertain you won't get pregnant. Most guys find that gross. Ovulation usually takes place on day fourteenof the ovulation cycle. You absolutely don't want to have sex on that day, or the day beforeit. I don't know where the starting point of thatcountdown is.

Day one is when your period starts. That laststhree to seven days, and you can have sex for a few days after your period ends, probablywithout being able to get pregnant. When can I have sex without getting pregnant? Day 14 is when you ovulate, and you're fertilethree days plus or minus that one. So avoid days 11 to 18. The egg only lasts about one day. Sperm can last up to a week, but three daysbefore is usually enough, so having sex on day 11 means you could get pregnant.

And that's why you said a few days after Ihad my period, up through day ten, was safe. And day 17 is usually the end of your fertileperiod, since you don't always ovulate right on day 14. So that day 14 is plus or minus a few days. You can tell when you're ovulating based oncervical mucus or basal body temperature measurements. By the time I can tell it is the fertile time,it is too late to prevent pregnancy. Then wait until at least day 18. Then on day19, you can rest assured it is almost impossible to get pregnant unless your menstrual cycleisn't 28 days.

I know ovulation is halfway through the cycle. Days 19 through 28 are safe to have sex onfor pretty much everyone. If your cycle is longer, consider the last 10 days before yourperiod to be the safest. I'm only thinking about two particular peopleright now. Me and my man. There are people who use natural family planningand track their fertility to know when not to get pregnant. I've also heard the joke about the word forpeople using natural family planning is mother. The mistake of counting day 1 as when yourperiod ends, is pretty much a guarantee you'll

get pregnant. That's why I asked about it. If you don't want to get pregnant and don'twant to use birth control, use a condom or other barrier method. I was hoping to go all natural. After you've had a baby, you can nurse exclusivelyfor several months to prevent pregnancy. That's about as bad advice as telling me tohave sex when pregnant, to ensure that I don't get pregnant again.

In theory, the long sleepless nights afteryou have a baby are pretty good at making sure you don't have sex. They imply sleeping like a baby is peaceful,but only except you wake up every two hours to cry. Parents want to cry every morningafter waking up that much too. If you have sex while nursing, know that you'llrisk going fertile again when the baby starts eating solid foods. That's why so many urine pregnancy test samplesare sent to s in stage one baby food jars.

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