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Improving IVF Outcomes by Better Embryo Selection with Simon Fishel Illumina Tutorial

Why I'm so fascinated about these technologies, PGD and PGS is because we haven't achieved our golden goal which is one embryo one baby all the time Now we may not ever get to all of the time because nature would not allow us to do so, but what we can do is maximize the opportunity for patients , particularly with one embryo, as often as possible. To do that

we will require knowledge about the embryos chromosomal status. The chromosomal problems that we see in embryos are very high. It can be from 5080% of all eggs and embryos that are produced depending on the type of patient. At that high level it will be the, and it is the largest cause of failure and miscarriage in patients seeking IVF technology. So we have to find approaches that can

look for those chromosomal anomalies and eliminate those and deselect for example the embryos that we can transfer, that will give the patient the very best chance of a baby in a single attempt. And VeriSeq and 24Sure technology will help us a long way to achieve that.

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