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Welcome To Lifecare Hi , I am Kanchan Awasthi today we are going to explain about '' Male and Female Infertility Treatment '' Remedies For Infertility Being childless is still considered as a curse in our society impotence is a common reason for not having child do you know allopathic medicines are also responsible

which are used to cure high blood pressure and diabetes many times the reason for infertility is psychological rather than physical in this types of cases 's advice is enough Infertility can be cured with the help of ayurvedic medicines First of all the Remedies for Infertility in Females consume dried white wild egg plant powder from the 5th day of menstrual period for 3 days

along with milk in the morning if a woman is having headache it means her uterus is dry Grind rock salt, garlic, sea foam and keep in 55 gm proportion grind 4 gm medicine mixed with water and with cotton wool apply it inside vagina on the mouth of uterus before sleeping continue it for 3 days , dryness will be cured

if a woman's body is shivering there is problem in uterus asafoetida powder mixed in sesame oil soaked on cotton wool keep inside vagina on the mouth of uterus for 3 days continuously so uterus becomes stable if a woman's waist is paining

it means the body mass has been grown in the uterus in this condition make fine powder from burnt elephant hoof mix black cumin and castor oil apply the oil on cotton wool and keep into the vagina at the mouth of uterus keep upto 3 consecutive days it is very beneficial if woman's entire body is having pain

it means there is more heat in the uterus which does not lead to pregnancy in this condition mix chrysanthemum flower juice with sesame oil soak in cotton wool keep it in the vagina at the mouth of uterus keep upto 3 consecutive days it is very beneficial for the patient

What Happens 3 Days After Ovulation

What happens 3 days after ovulation? You start to wonder if you need to toss theold ovulation test pack and buy a pregnancy test pack instead. Can't you get pregnant at three days afterovulation? Ovulation plus or minus one day is when conceptioncan occur. The day before is higher than the day after,because the egg lasts about a day in total. Whereas sperm last several days. That's why you can get pregnant having sexthree days before your fertile day but not

three days after. And it is why you can have sex two days afteryour fertile day through your period without getting pregnant. That's the whole basis of natural familyplanning. And losing track of which day is the fertileday is why women who use natural family planning get called mothers. If you did conceive, the sperm and egg havealready combined and the new zygote is making its way down the fallopian tube.

What else is going on? Ovulation is plus or minus a day on day 14,or the middle of your cycle. Mine is around four weeks long. The week before ovulation, the uterine liningwas prepping to accept a new arrival, whereas in a day or two, it will start to fade awayif that egg doesn't implant. I thought pregnancy tests didn't detectanything until day 24 or day 28. Three days after ovulation is around day 17,and though the body starts responding to the embryo's chemical scream I'm here don'thave a period immediately, the chemical signals

climb and become detectable in urine testsabout a week later. Only if you use one of the early pregnancytests. The early pregnancy tests cost more becausethey detect pregnancy hormones at half the level or so of the main pregnancy tests. But we don't know if I am pregnant yet. You're officially in the luteal cycle nowfor the ovary follicle, while the uterine lining is in the secretory phase. That's the growing of blood vessels andtissue to prep for baby, so to speak, as the

follicle withers and shrinks that releasedthe egg. It is really rare for someone to release twoeggs during this phase, though it can happen. Usually they release from two different ovariesif they are going to be released. The ovary hormone levels except the lutenizingone are still climbing right now, but they'll start to drop around day 21. And they'll bottom out around day 28. They'll stay low through the menstrual cycle,day one through six or seven depending on how long your period lasts.

That's still more than a week away. Your body is just prepping for implantationif it occurs, though all the symptoms of ovulation due to those related hormones should be gonewhile nothing for PMS should kick in for at least a week. I've heard implantation can cause crampsand spotting. Nowhere near as bad as PMS, when they do occur,and it will happen several days before your period starts, but not yet. So I'm just waiting.

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