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What is My Baby Doing at 6 Weeks Pregnant

What is my baby doing at 6 weeks pregnant? Not much, since it is about seven millimeterslong, though the heart will be beating about now. That's a long way from this week, your babyis growing fingernails updates I expected. In this week, you're more of the spinal corddeveloping and brain starting to barely form. And sense things? There are no eyes, no ears, barely a blobwhere the head will be. Well, dark spots where the eyes will be.

I thought there would be limbs and organs. Oh, the lungs have differentiated from theheart, the intestines from the abdomen wall. The lungs and liver are forming, though thelungs are just a bud. That's progress. Last week the organs werebarely different from each other. However, the internal organs like the intestinesare only beginning to develop, and that continues through the third month. Even the heart isa single tube that has to turn into a four chambered organ. I'm more interested about the baby's overalldevelopment now.

Right now, the baby looks a lot like a tadpole.The nubs that turn into arms and legs are starting to form. They'll look more like flippers than armsand legs right now. If you could see it, you'd see dents wherethe nostrils and ears will form. That is like last on the list of things Icare about. This just isn't an exciting phase, unlessyou're finding out you are pregnant because your period is so late. That was two weeks ago. That's why I wantedto know what the baby was doing at six weeks.

The muscles and bones are forming, thoughthe bones aren't going to be hard for ages. The top of the baby's head doesn't even fuseuntil after delivery. The baby's pituitary gland is developing. Why is that developing when some much elsein the brain is no where near formed? Growth hormones, mostly. I kept thinking about all the fruit and vegetablecomparisons when I asked how the baby is doing right now. Last week, the baby was the size of a sesameseed. This week, the baby is the size of a

lentil. That doesn't seem like much change. Not too long ago, he or she was a twinklein their father's eye, and shortly after that, it was two cells merging into a single one. Compared to an eight pound baby, it isn'tmuch. The baby's heart rate will fluctuate betweena hundred and two hundred beats a minute, about twice your rate. I know not to get my heart rate up high.

At six weeks pregnant, the biggest changesfor you are growing breasts, a uterus starting to expand, and needing to pee a lot more. I'm not even eating for one point one – sowhy do I need to go to the bathroom so much? Because your body is trying to filter itsblood and that created for a changing body. And it sounds like this is just the start. Don't worry – in another six weeks, you'llstart reading about the growing fruits the baby will be as big as.

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