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Miracle Baby After Failed Abortion

I'm Cynthia and I just flashback to when Iwas a young girl at fifteen. I exercised my right to choose and I chose abortion at fifteenunder the direction of a wellintentioned mom. She was trying to preserve her relationshipwith a wonderful Italian father and we thought the unintended pregnancy would be best dealtwith abortion and I entered into my first abortion decision at fifteen years old. Idid what a lot of fifteen year old girls do after abortion, I acted out. I dove deeperinto the lifestyle that landed me in the pregnancy situation in the first place. I looked forlove in all the wrong places as we say at the where I work now. And looking forthat love wound up in another unintended pregnancy

at nineteen years old. And to be quite honestwith you, was probably not sober enough to fully comprehend that pregnancy at nineteenand enter into second decision for abortion. Flash forward ten years entering my twentyninthyear of life and old enough to know better and growing in my relationship with the Lord.And working establishes a young woman and again, old enough to know how one was gettingpregnant and how one wasn't getting pregnant and i'm in now a third unintended pregnancysituation. Not married, working, growing in my faith, loving the Lord, but still sexuallyactive outside of marriage. Making that choice to be involved in a relationship that wasnot with the man that I would later commit

my life to in a marriage relationship. I thinkat twentynine what's interesting about the decision then is that at this point I hada relationship with God and I remember saying, quot;Lord you'll forgive me just one more timewon't you?quot; And I flip flop now as a director at a reproductive healthcare center I lookback and think, quot;I was old enough to know better.quot; And so i'm twentynine years oldand now i'm having some complications. I'm now bleeding through this pregnancy and Ihead off to the and, in this particular instance, this read my state of crisisbecause i'm overwhelmed. She said, quot;well you've had some bleeding, you're probably miscarrying.quot;And you're looking for an out. You feel trapped.

So you're looking for an out. And I thought,quot;Oh, i'm probably miscarrying?!quot; Well, message number one is: quot;probably miscarryingquot; is nota medical diagnosis, it's an assumption. She saw my crisis and she saw the bleeding I washaving and said, quot;well you're probably miscarrying and we exited the exam room and went intothe next room and did a full DNC. Enter in third abortion. And so my mind at that pointthought it had closure and I leave, still very emotional, and I come back for my twoweek checkup and she does a pelvic exam and says, quot;your uterus is still very enlarged.quot;And I said, quot;what does that mean?quot; Again message number two would be: I should've been moreinformed. I can't be twentynine and clueless

about what's happening in my body, about whatthe is telling me, about what that might mean. And she says, quot;well your bodystill thinks it's pregnant.quot; And then she says the phrase i'll never forget. quot;We probablydidn't get everything.quot; So when you digest what that phrase means, pieces of a childleft in me? What didn't we get and how was my body responding to that? And there's somany overwhelming thoughts that happen in that exact moment and I remember, and thisis where I think the Holy Spirit moved in my heart, in that very intimate moment inthe exam room when I was too overwhelmed to think clearly for myself and I asked, couldwe please see what was inside of me and what

we might not have gotten? And she said, quot;yes,let's schedule an ultrasound.quot; The law didn't require the ultrasound prior to a DNC in thenext room back in the day and she sent me to the ultrasound technician at a location. And I drove over there, got my ultrasound, and the technician who couldn't talk withme could just gather the data doing the scan, you could tell she was frustrated and notgetting what I guess she intended to get. And left the room and brought a supervisorback in and the supervisor takes the probe and begins scanning. And time is passing andI am saying, quot;what didn't we get?quot; And the supervisor looks at me and she says, quot;thebaby is swimming so quickly we can't get an

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