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Hi, my name is Suzanne, and I wanted to saya great big thank you, to InstantPregnancy . You see, I had trouble to conceiving. Andmy s told me I was infertile. I couldn't believe it, because I never had any healthproblems before. So it was real shock to me and all my family. We've spend thousand ofdollars trying to deal with interfility and I tryed everyting, but nothing ever worked.Until I found this amazing system and decided to give it a try. And after two monts followingthis programm, I couldn't believe what I actually had! A positive pregnancy test! I finallyget pregnant at the age of 36 with my beautiful daughter Anna. So I just wanted to thank InstantPregnancyfor helping me to become a mother, even when

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Best Way to Get Pregnant with a Boy

What is the best way to get pregnant witha boy? Become a carnivore. No, really. How can I guarantee that we havea boy? Unless you do IVF and only implant XY embryos,there's a 5050 chance it's a girl. But vegetarians have 15% more girls than average. OK, so I need to start eating steak. Remember to do that before you get pregnant.And your odds of having a boy are higher when the father is younger.

Well, we're not getting any younger discussingthis. There is research that shows that conceivingwhen you ovulate is more likely to produce a boy. Having sex several days after you ovulateis more likely to produce a girl. So hit the bedroom when the ovulation testis positive. We can do that every night. Actually, as the number of times you havesex goes up, the sperm quality goes down. And your odds of having a boy go down. What, then, should we do? Ideally, just have sex on the best night ortwo of your fertile week. You can do it as

often as you want the rest of your cycle. I've heard about all kinds of herbs andcharms that improve your odds of having a boy. There has been a preference for sons overhistory. After thousands of years and billions of attempts, if there was an XX XY switchin our bodies, we'd have found it by now. And today, all there is to do is wait forthe sonogram. You can have amniocentesis, but that justtells you the gender after conception. There are s advertising that they cangive you a choice.

Short of IVF with sperm sorting or abortinga daughter, no, they can't. Then we're down to eating at the steak houseevery night and only having sex on the best night. Then your odds of having a boy go up to perhaps55% versus 45%. So you still have decent odds of a daughter. Then she's going to end up in a blue nurserywith race car logos on the walls. A little Danica Patrick in the making. Butyou can't prevent your boy from deciding he's a ballet dancer, either.

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