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Hi, my name is Suzanne, and I wanted to saya great big thank you, to InstantPregnancy . You see, I had trouble to conceiving. Andmy s told me I was infertile. I couldn't believe it, because I never had any healthproblems before. So it was real shock to me and all my family. We've spend thousand ofdollars trying to deal with interfility and I tryed everyting, but nothing ever worked.Until I found this amazing system and decided to give it a try. And after two monts followingthis programm, I couldn't believe what I actually had! A positive pregnancy test! I finallyget pregnant at the age of 36 with my beautiful daughter Anna. So I just wanted to thank InstantPregnancyfor helping me to become a mother, even when

everyone else thought it was impossible. Thanksso much!.

The Try Guys Get Prostate Exams

And then you're gonna feel a finger, and some pressure. Keith Yup, yup, yup, yup, yup. Rettig OK, here we go. Keith Oh, oh. Rettig And there's your prostate. (upbeat instrumental music) Movember is this thing that helps raise money and awareness for prostate cancer. Movember's a great organization,

we're not growing mustaches,we're doin' one better. And it involves the finger. Butt stuff. Today we are gonna get our prostates examined by a medical professional. I'm grateful for theopportunity to raise awareness for this thing and if wecan make some people smile along the way, that's great.

Prostate exam. So, prostate cancer is themost commonly diagnosed cancer amongst men in the United States. Approximately 14% ofmen will be diagnosed with prostate cancer at somepoint in their lifetime. Oh no! My grandfather died from colon cancer and something that couldpotentially affect me.

It rarely occurs in men under 50. Oh. I don't actively think aboutbeing susceptible to cancer. It's not in my family, I'm a young person who can take on the world. Testicular cancer is acancer that the Try Guys need to worry about,because testicular cancer is the most common canceramongst men age 20 to 40.

I only came in here for prostate, I didn't know we were gonnabe doing nut feeling, too. I didn't know I had to worry about this. Don't call it nut feeling.(laughing) It's not nut feeling. Well, that's what it Is that what it is? Yeah.

(beeps) But, it's for a good cause. The mustache is a way to getmen to have a conversation. We made it fun to talk abouta very serious set of issues. Why do you think men have such a problem talking about health? I think it stems from masculinity and this concept of manup.

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