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An Introduction to Aberdeen Fertility Centre

The Aberdeen Fertility Centre has beenhelping people realise their dream of having a baby for more than 20 years. Weunderstand the emotional impact that fertility issues can have and prideourselves on treating people as individuals by ensuring you're listened to, informed and supported all times. Our skilled and experienced staff will behonored to work with you towards achieving the best outcome for youultimately a healthy mum and a healthy baby. If you're thinking about starting afamily it's never too early to get advice. We're here to help you with any queriesyou may have about your fertility.

You can ask your GP to forward your details to us or you can call us directly to have a confidential chat with a member of theteam here at the Aberdeen Fertility Centre. We aim to put your mind at ease andhelp you to make the right choices about relevant treatments. When you contact the Centre, myself or a member of the admin team will seek information from our al colleagues and advise you on the best course of action. When you get told you can't have a baby naturally you feel like you've failed and in our case it was after years of trying.

We went to the Aberdeen Fertility Centre we were told that we can get help and that it would be possible for us to have a baby it meant so much. Our experience at the centre was great from start to finish, every member of staff was friendly and helpful and it felt almost homely rather than al. The Aberdeen Fertility Centre has beenproviding safe effective evidencebased IVF treatment since 1990. We are the onlyUniversity based academic IVF unit in the UK and our research hasinfluenced national policy and led to significant improvements in patient care.We have a state of the art laboratory

that can provide some of the latestscientific techniques. The staff within the centre are committed to changingyour life forever by ensuring that our treatment results in healthy mothersand healthy babies. I was told when I was 18 that I had fertility problems and I was probably going to need assistance to have a baby. I spent a long time thinking that a baby wouldn't be possible but the staff at Aberdeen Fertility Centre encouraged me and gave me the confidence to try IVF. They understood my fears, supported and guided me through the process and now we have Carla.

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