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Best Way to Get Pregnant After Depo

What is the best way to get pregnant afterDepo? After the Depo Provera shot? Go on the Pill. I said I want to make a baby, not preventone. The birth control pill forces your body toget back into its cycle. You'll ovulate and have periods on the Pill, while Depo usuallystops it. How long do I have to be on the Pill? One or two cycles should work. Then stop thePill and try to get pregnant. What else would work?

There's the natural alternative. What's that? Have sex at least twice a week every weekfor a year after the shot wears off. You should naturally get pregnant at some point unlessthere is something wrong. You make it sound so simple and straightforward. You don't have to be straightforward. Almostany position will work. Can they reverse the shot? Nope. If you got the shot, it is in effectfor the full three months.

Can I get pregnant when it wears off? Theoretically, you can get pregnant the nextcycle after the 90 days after the last shot. Though some women need another month or twobefore they start ovulating again. It's suppressing your fertility. It's a contraceptive. That is what it issupposed to do. Is there any way to speed things up or acceleratethe process? You could get on a healthy diet now, startprenatal vitamins and prepare your body for pregnancy.

That is prepwork but not going to resultin pregnancy. Start taking Mexican yam supplements or eatinglots of soy. That is said to help fertility. Or I could just start buying fertility charms. Save money and pray at the feet of variousfertility gods. It'd make an interesting honeymoon for your hubby, too. Why would he go? To practice fertility rites, of course. Unlessyou're hoping for a virgin birth, though that's only happened once.

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