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How Many Days Past Ovulation Do Pregnancy Symptoms Start

How many days past ovulation do pregnancysymptoms start? Ovulation typically starts in the middle ofthe menstrual cycle. If everything goes right, the egg is fertilized within 24 hours. It only lasts that long. The embryo usually implants on the ninth dayafter ovulation. You'd think it implants before then. It takes six to seven days to move down theFallopian tubes. Then it floats around in the uterus before implanting.

And at that point, I'm pregnant. Yes, and the embryo starts putting out thechemical signals that say do not shed me in the next menstrual cycle. So they are chemically screaming for attentionlong before they get that first lungful of air. You cannot show pregnancy symptoms beforethat point, unless it is all in your head. I'd rather it actually be real in my belly. The pregnancy hormones are produced by thebaby as soon as it implants.

That's the chemical signal to your bodythat you are pregnant and to start changing to support the kid. That's the start of the pregnancy from abiological standpoint. At that point, your breasts will start growing if it is your firstpregnancy, the uterus starts expanding, the body makes relaxin to relax tendons And all those symptoms take weeks to showup. You may see a few blood spots mixed with cervicalmucus at implantation. A lot of people miss that symptom if it occursat all.

The embryo doubles hormone levels about everytwo days. The food aversions can kick in when those hormones hit your blood. I've heard stories of morning sickness beingthe first indication that you're pregnant. However, the throwing up due to a hangoverafter you've had drunken sex cannot be a sign you are pregnant, since it takes a weekfor the embryo to migrate and implant. So in that case, you just worry about beingpregnant. Two to four days after implantation, you couldstart feeling like a vegetarian when you walk past the butcher block.

Not all women develop morning sickness orfood aversions. Or you'll just start feeling tired and needto pee a lot, though there is not the burning sensation that comes with a urinary tractinfection. Seven days after fertilization plus two tofour days for the hormone levels to start the symptoms means I could have pregnancysymptoms before missing my period. If you do not have the classic symptoms, likethrowing up each morning and wanting to slap anyone making a tuna fish sandwich in yourpresence, a missed period is a good indicator that you're pregnant too.

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