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I want you to imagine that one morning youwake up and as you stretch in bed, your fingers graze your oak headboard and suddenly, beforeyour eyes, you see the tiniest acorn fall to the ground, sink into the earth, shootup into a great oak, get cut down by industrial machinery, chopped into pieces, manufacturedinto a headboard, packaged, shipped, displayed, and purchased by you. This all happens in the span of a few seconds. You start thinking maybe you aren't quiteawake it was just a particularly vivid dream. But when you throw back your sheets, you'reregaled with their entire journey from cotton

seedlings in a field all the way to adorningyour mattress. By this point you're understandably afraidto move, so you yell for a loved one, instinctually reaching out to them as they rush in. And it happens again. Only this time you're not watching theirhistory, you're seeing it through their eyes. Every moment in their life as they saw it,every experience as they experienced it—all in the blink of an eye.

It's all so much at once you find yourselfunable to explain to them what's happening—at least not without sounding insane. So you laugh it off—must have been a baddream—and thank them when they offer to make breakfast. Maybe getting something in your stomach willsettle things down. You keep your socks on as you make your wayto the table to save yourself the life story of your floors and carpets, and pull backyour chair with your foot before carefully sitting down.

You decide to just use a single fork for everythingthat you're going to eat so that you don't have to learn more than you care to know aboututensil production. Your plate is set before you and your lovedone or family member or roommate joins you. You smile and thank them and say you musthave just been hungry. And then you make the mistake of taking abite of bacon. And it happens again. What do you think you would see? What would you hear?

Smell? Feel? What would it be like seeing through the eyesof that pig? Just imagine the full scope of this—everyitem you pick up at the store, every piece of clothing you put on, every person whosehand you shake or hug. How would your understanding of the worldand those around you change? And how would it affect your food choices? Hello, my name is Emily Moran Barwick.

I'm an animal liberation activist, an artist,an educator and a vegan. I created the YouTube channel and accompanyingwebsite, Bite Size Vegan, where I educate people about veganism through a wide arrayof tutorial styles covering a diverse range of subjects. In our time together today, I'm very likelygoing to challenge some of your lifelong beliefs. I'm going to ask you to set aside your preconceptions,suspend any certainties, and try to see with a fresh set of eyes that which you've neverquestioned.

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