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What is egg quality and how many eggs do I need to get pregnant

So, hello everyone. Today I would like to take this opportunity to discuss some of the interesting subjects in our field and I would like to try to generate some discussion with you all based on the most common questions which I come across during my daily consultations with our patients.

One of the most common questions I always get, which I think it is important to address is quality versus quantity of the eggs. The typical question of all I receive from my patients is: quot;, how many eggs do I really need to have the maximum chance of getting pregnant?quot; I also get questions like: quot;They told me that my ovarian reserve is excellent.

Last time, I made 25 eggs but I'm still not getting pregnant. Why?quot; Or sometimes, I'll get questions like this: quot;, I'm 32 years old and they told me that my AMH is 0.4 and my antral follicle count is less than 3.quot; In another words, they are told that their ovarian reserve is 6080% below the average for their age group

and they are told that they have a very low chance of getting pregnant and some are even told to move on to do donor eggs. Let's address these questions Very simple, I think it's very easy for the numbers to talk. So first of all, let me make it clear to you right away. The quality of the egg is mainly determined by your age, not by the ability to to make more or less eggs. And not determined by your AntiMullerian Hormone (AMH),

or your antral follicle count. If you are 35 years or younger, the probability of each egg you produce should have about 15% chance of giving you a live birth baby. If you are 37 to ' years old, the probability is 810% that each egg can make a live birth baby. If you are 40 to 42 years old, it is really only 35% chance your eggs can make a live birth baby,

regardless of your ovarian reserve. Number 1: If you make less eggs, you still have a very good chance to make a live birth baby. Number 2: Of course from treatment point of view, we need to modify the protocols. If you don't make more than 3 eggs

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