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DR. MICHAEL VERMESH: IVF or invitro fertilizationis a procedure that allows fertilizing a woman's eggs outside of her body. A typical IVF patientis an individual or a couple who is unable to conceive using natural or conservativemethods of fertilization. When a couple desires to undergo or needs to undergo invitro fertilization,they are told that they will be undergoing a series of procedures, including a week totwo weeks of injections of hormones followed by a small procedure designed to retrievethe woman's eggs. Typically the process of invitro fertilization lasts about two tothree weeks. The couple is provided a timetable and a detailed description of every shot andevery procedure performed by our staff so

that every step is very clear.Our success rate with invitro fertilization is among the highest in the nation, especiallyfor women of advanced reproductive age, meaning over the age of 40. The success rate dependsin great part on the woman's age, on other medical conditions in the person, in the woman,or her husband. Overall, our success rates in all invitro fertilization combined approximate50 percent when the couple achieve their goal of pregnancy, it is gratifying to the coupleas well as to the office staff and it shows every day in their faces, in their attitudesand in their willingness to continue this very demanding job.

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