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Dr.Rosario Dodson
4 Williams Street
Gore Springs,MS 38929
Phone:(855) 724-8998
Dr.Dexter Billings
7 Academy Street
Gore Springs,MS 38929
Phone:(724) 162-2018
Dr.Drew Wilkinson
37 Golf Road
Gore Springs,MS 38929
Phone:(239) 558-9679
Dr.Lucius Owens
8876 Fifth Drive
Gore Springs,MS 38929
Phone:(287) 329-3159

How To Get Pregnant- Gore Springs, Mississippi

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What is an IUD How Does an IUD Work as Birth Control

IUD stands for IUD stands for Intrauterine Device and it's one of the most effective kind of birth control you can get. A inserts a little IUD into your uterus and then you're protect from pregnancy for years. IUDs are super convenient and mistake proof. You get it.

And forget it. and forget it. The IUD can be removed any time you want and your ability to get pregnant quickly returns. But IUD don't prevent the spread of STDS so use condoms along with the IUD to help protect yourself. There are a few kinds of IUDs. The ParaGard IUD are hormonefree.

It uses copper to prevent pregnancy It uses copper to prevent pregnancy and lasts for up to 12 years. The copper IUD also works really well as an emergency contraception. It can prevent pregnancy if inserted up to five days after unprotected sex. Hormonal IUDs like Mirena, Skyla, and Liletta uses a hormone called progestin to prevent pregnancy.

They last three to five years They last three to five years depending on which one you get. The IUD has possible side effects. But they usually goes away after a few months. They have a lots of benefits too. Hormonal IUDs can ease cramps, and make your period lighter.

Or even stop them completely. or even stop them completely. Wanna get an IUD? You're nearest Planned Parenthood health center is here to help.

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